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InBody offers a diverse range of body composition analysers, eachdesigned to cater to different needs and levels of analysis. From portable solutions to advanced analysis machines, InBody has something for everyone. Here, we will explore the different categories of analysers available and what they bring to the table.

InBody 270

The InBody 270 is a portable body composition scan machine that offers a convenient solution for those seeking quick and reliable body composition analysis.

inbody 270

InBody 570

Taking it a step further, the InBody 570 offers advanced body
composition analysis capabilities.

InBody 770

The InBody 770 represents the pinnacle of body composition analysis machines. Offering the ultimate level of analysis, this machine is equipped with features that provide a detailed insight into various aspects of one’s body composition.

inbody 770

InBody S10

For those interested in a more specific analysis, the InBody S10 offers body water analysis capabilities.

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